about @naocrrds is a carrd account that make carrds for free of charge. We do provide carrd tutorials, carrds we've made and carrd help related to carrd.co. our carrd requests: open and carrd tutorial request: open (request in my Ccat pls!).

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admins admin 🩹, naoi's resource carrd (check it out!)
1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and prepare a screenshot if you did subscribed
2. After that, fill up the carrd request form
3. Please provide images, context, and whatever needed to insert or we won't be able to do your request (leading to decline your request)
4. Have your dms open
5. Strictly will not do your carrd requests if your dms are closed
6. You will be able to receive an email if we accept or decline your request how to check?
7. Only speak in English and be patient

1. Carrd should no take up 3 days or a week to make
2. We delete the form after you receive carrd and there will be no any kind of information saved
3. Do not send troll forms
4. Do not repost the carrds, and do not sell or profit off the carrd layouts we've made

before requesting a carrd
1. Be specific of what carrd layout or theme
2. MUST have an active + verified carrd account, leave out 1 space for the new carrd (3 carrds is the maximum for those who don't have carrd pro plan)
3. No limit on requesting a carrd (you can request multiple times). We don't do carrds: templates, requires carrd pro + features, and over 50 elements
4. You have 3 days to accept the transfer request; we delete it if there is no response.
5. please don't distribute the copies of my carrd if you asked, that's not unacceptable^-^

don't request a carrd
1. Disrespect religions, disrespect everyone & lgbtq, racist, invalidate neopronouns, __phobic
2. Not gonna use the carrd that you requested
3. You want to request a carrd that is from a tutorial
asked questions
1. Q: What kind of carrds you do?
A: I only do non pro carrds, the carrd will depend on the layout, and difficulty

2. Q: How long will my carrd request take?
A: It depends on the amount of carrd requests, or how busy we are

3. Q: How do I check if you declined, or accepted my carrd request?
A: we inform you through g-mail or dms, so make sure g-mail is active and dms are open, please refer here for guide

4. Q: How do I accept a transfer request?
A: refer from this guide here

5. Q: Are these carrds for free?
A: Yes, that's why this account is dedicated to make people's carrd for free

6. Q: Can I remake the carrds that admin made?
A: Yes, as long as you will do credit the right owner mentioned

7. Q: Am I allowed to make any changes in my carrd after receiving?
A: Yes, that's all yours and do whatever you want

hello! my name is naoi, or nao. i'm admin 🩹 and i use he/bun/they pronouns. asian filipino eng/tag
twitter, zaqa